Hollywood's ‘Infinity Festival’

Simulated Reality was among Hollywood’s top storytelling professionals and leading Silicon Valley innovators showing it's app development expertise.

The virtual museum framework allows agile development of educational projects that combines all media formats under one roof. The museum architecture allows curators to use photos, videos, holograms and 360 panoramic video to transport its audience to new place limited only by our imagination. 

As a first example of these capabilities, experience a virtual museum about the world's largest procession dedicated to Our Lady.



Simulated Reality demonstrates innovative
cross-device Virtual Museum framework at Infinity Festival Hollywood 


Simulated Reality provided consulting services for PANOGRAMMA and HTC VIVE STUDIOS during the creation of 7 MIRACLES VR

About ‘7 Miracles’ (Source: Forbes, July 15 - 2019)

The movie was filmed in Rome and in Matera—locations where blockbusters like Ben Hur and The Passion of the Christ were filmed. The VR film was produced by Enzo Sisti (Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Passion of the Christ) and Vive Studios' Joel Breton (Pirates of the Caribbean video game, Unreal video game, Anno 1602 video game, Terrarria video game).

‘7 Miracles’ is a 7-part episodic feature film that totals 70 minutes of content—making it the first feature-length cinematic experience from Vive Studios. It is the first of a series of similar movies currently being planned to focus on different historical figures.

The crew harnessed state-of-the-art VR capture technology—photogrammetry and volumetric video capture—to produce a 360-degree experience in 8k resolution. The result connects the audience to the events in the story and enables viewers to feel like they are right there in these ancient surroundings. The effect lets the audience feel like they are part of the story and like they are interacting with the characters in the story.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE FOR 7 MIRACLES: https://www.7miracles.viveport.com/

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